Fantage Clubhouse Released!


Did I just pull a Marcus Butler? You bet I did.

Anyway, so Fantage finally released the clubhouse thing! Which I am really excited about because I can chat to those people that like the same things as me :)

Here are some pictures of the clubhouse event? Shop? (I really don’t know what to call it) and me commenting on them because… Why not?


By the way, I got banned on my main account for one hundred hours so I’m having to use my back up :( But it’s all good because I’m getting unbanned in sixteen hours, yesss~ So, just a warning that this clubhouse thing is from a non member’s perspective. Anyway, back to the actual post!


Clubhouse 1

Okay so, according to what they said, you can:

Chat in the club room

-Post your messages or comments

-Click the ‘like’ button on messages and comments

-Enjoy Clubhouse parties (Which are basically like parties you can throw at home, it costs fifty gold to host a party, so I’d suggest letting someone else host it)

Also, the timeline displays recent posts and events. Which is cool.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the twenty thousand gold they were putting up for grabs but congratulations to those who did get that! You’re rich now, do not say you’re broke. Or I shall complain about it forever.


Clubhouse 2

So, this is the board that is on the inside, I think that it views the top clubs at the moment (anime club is first, can we just take a moment to appreciate that?) and it also shows the hottest posts. There is also a club list of all the clubs there, so make sure to look at that to see which one you would fit into :)


Clubhouse 3

This is what it looks like when you go inside a club room, I chose the food club because the anime club had a party going on and it wouldn’t show every detail :(

Yeah so, it shows the total amount of visitors on that day, how many new posts there are, there is also a rating place where you can rate the clubhouse out of five stars. So, this clubhouse thing is a lot like your own place on Fantage.

The timeline is what I mentioned it to be, the forum is of all the posts there with the likes and everything. For example: The jokes club would have posted jokes on that forum and if someone else liked the joke, they’d click the ‘like’ button on there. The last feature is the parties one and in it you get to host a party, which again, costs fifty gold (I guess it’s inexpensive, but I’m not wasting gold on that).


Overall, it seems like a great idea for us (fantagians) to meet people with similar interests. It helps make friends for loners like me :)

Yeah, I think that’s it.


~ Jen x






Meaning Behind Songs

I’ve been hearing songs that I really really like but I have no idea what they’re even supposed to be telling you or the meaning behind them is just pretty stupid.

For example, let’s start with the songs in the pop genre.

1. Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) by Iggy Azalea

I love that song, it’s one of my favorites but let’s be real here, if you looked at the lyrics of the song, the meaning behind is just…

I don’t even know.

What is she supposed to be telling us? That’s she’s fancy and we should all bow down to her? Sorry but, the whole song just seems pretty awful if you look at it that way.

Now, let’s focus on the songs that do have meaning behind them:

2. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

This song’s meaning (according to me) is that the person has depression/anxiety and the only way to cure that would be by taking drugs…

Not the best way to solve the situation is it?

But we all love the songs anyway, since most of us are in our teenage years, we go through depression at one point or another and this kind of music appeals to us.

I have nothing against people taking drugs, I just think it’s not the… Best way of dealing with things.

I personally love this song, I can sort of relate to it. Which is basically the point of this whole post.

You shouldn’t judge people by their music taste, everyone has their own side of the story. Like people say: behind every person’s favorite song, there’s an untold story

Or something like that at least…

So whether you’re into boybands like one direction or if you’re into people like sleeping with sirens, all time low, pierce the veil etc.

You should be respected for what you like.

And if anyone disses your music taste, just play Fancy for them and slay them.

I felt like I needed to say this since lots of people get troubled by it…

That’s all :)

Bye beautifuls!

~ Jen x

Collaboration project

If you guys didn’t know, I really like drawing stuff and all that, especially anime.

So, I thought that it would be cool if you guys showed me some of your drawings :) I will make a page all the drawings been sent to me (be sure to include your signature to prevent someone taking them!) Also, they don’t have to have colour or be complex, you could draw the simplest things like drawing a drink bottle.

If you guys could email your drawings to: [ ] that would be lovely.

Note: The drawings will be put up on my blog [ ]

This is sort of like a collaboration project ha :)

~Jen x

The Neighbourhood


I’ve been listening to the neighbourhood a lot lately and I have to say, I really like their music. I’ve taken a break from listening to pop music (other than one direction, still love them more than everything) and they are a great alternative. I recommend listening to them if you want to take a break from all the pop songs like ‘fancy’ and ‘problem’ because they are really good!

Also, if you are going to listen to them, I recommend listening to sweater weather, float, afraid and alleyways. Please check them out, they’re really cool.

Anyway, that’s it.

Bye beautifuls :)

~Jen x



I honestly have no excuse as to why I’m so lazy and couldn’t be bothered to post something on any blogs that I work on, or my main blog. So, I will spare you the excuses because you probably wouldn’t want to hear them an they’re a waste of time.

How ARE you guys?!

Let me just say that you – my lovely viewers were my motivation to start blogging again. So, if you did something as simple as clicking the link to my blog: you were doing me a huge favor.

And oh my God! Was I really that stupid when I was younger?! Looking back at my old posts, they’re pretty… Immature. So, I’m embarassed…

Also, do any of you watch anime? If you do, do you watch fairy tail? Please let me know by commenting below! (Ha, that rhymes)

Bye, for now.


Seriously though

You know how Vintage Gold is selling old items… Well I’ve noticed that they’ve raised the price for the item quite a bit! I’m pretty sure that the items they are selling aren’t worth THAT much. And look at non members… We hardly get anything out of the shop without ecoins because the prices are so high! Like look at the Santa hat for instance (the one for members), yeah that was 15,000 ecoins.


I’m sorry, but I hardly think that’s a good deal! Now, onto the next thing –
Refunds. They should’ve kept the refund thing for the vintage gold items too, what if we bought them accidentally? (Has happened to me). WE NEED DA REFUNDS YOU MOFOS. IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME MY MUCH NEEDED REFUNDS, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN YOU CRAICS.

Oh and I’ve decided to call you mofos and craics now.

Don’t ask why, the information is top secret you shenanigan!



Not fair!

Why does Fantage have to produce such ugly clothes?! It’s not fair for the people who joined later on and basically have nothing nice to wear (MEEEE!!!) And there are so many people showing off and being rude to non members. Don’t say that doesn’t happen, because I’ve seen proof.

It’s just not fair :(



IT'S NEW YEAR'S EVE! That was fast. It's almost a new year and all I did this year was stalk One Direction.


My new year's resolution is to be nice to everyone at school and socialise more. You see, directioners don't tend to be very nice and we don't socialise much. Too busy stalking One Direction ya know? Enough bout me, WHATS YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION?! This is my first time having one.

I hope you guys have a great new year :)


2 Giveaway!

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Join Ashley’s giveaway! (;

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